Marco Rubio is the latest public figure to join the burgeoning anti-liberal and anti-market movement masquerading itself as being defending “the common good” from the greedy claws of the rapacious capitalists.

Writing in National Review, Rubio launched an attack on the market economy under the guise of promoting “common-good capitalism.” After listing a some of the very real social ills that plague our society, Rubio, with laughable predictability declares that “deciding what the government should do about it must be the core question of our politics.” He does not even consider the idea that any institution other than the state should be “in charge” of solving social problems or that the promotion of the common good can be achieved without state imposition.

Rubio joins figures such as talk show host Tucker CarlsonNew York Post editor Sohrab Ahmari, Harvard law professor Adrian Vermeule, First Things editor Matthew Schmitz, and Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, to name a few, who have launched a reactionary assault on markets and personal liberty in the name of increasing state power.

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