Tony Sayegh,  White House Senior Advisor for Strategy, was on the War Room Impeachment Podcast Friday and talked about a bullish White House going on offense, in defense of President Donald J. Trump, who faces impeachment threats by the Democrats.

“It is important to remember that Democrats are trying to impeach a President who has given us the best economy in half a century.  When he ran for office and talked to the forgotten men and women, the stock market was fine, but people were not feeling it,” Sayegh said.

Host of the podcast, Stephen K. Bannon, Chairman of Citizens of the American Republic, who promotes Economic Nationalism, through Trump’s America’s First policies, said ” Trump does not get credit for thinking through the world economy.  Look at the Trade deals like USMCA. Trump is into geopolitical strategic planning. Trump is a businessman who has a strategy for turning around the economy,” Bannon said.

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