America was once a nation of meritocracy, that shamed the lazy and encouraged hard work; but now, as Millennials increasingly support a “we are all equal” socialist state with leftist politicians villifying the successful, a new wave of anti-meritocratic policies are sweeping across much of academia.

The latest incarnation of this is a much-anticipated lawsuit, filed by a group of students and community organizations, against the University of California, alleging that the university system discriminates against low-income students, racial minorities and others by requiring SAT or ACT admissions tests.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the suit was filed Tuesday in California state court on behalf of a high-school sophomore, two seniors, and a first-year student at Pasadena City College (several California social-justice nonprofits are also plaintiffs in the suit), all of whom it says would be strong candidates for more selective UC campuses except for their test scores.

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