One month ago, the state of Missouri became the first in the nation to file a lawsuit against China over their role in the coronavirus pandemic.

Also named in the suit were the Communist Party of China, the government of Wuhan City, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, along with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Filed in late April in the Eastern District of Missouri, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt accused China of knowing that “COVID-19 was dangerous and capable of causing a pandemic, yet slowly acted, proverbially put their head in the sand, and/or covered it up in their own economic self-interest.”

Yet in a world where China has likewise accused the US of creating the coronavirus, why where there no lawsuits seeking similar damages from the US? Well, there will be soon: according to the Post, China’s legislature has proposed drafting a sovereign immunity law that would allow Chinese citizens to pursue legal actions against the United States over the coronavirus pandemic.

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