With wholesale pork prices more than doubling in 2019 due to a deadly epidemic of African swine fever, a handful of Chinese pork peddlers are bringing home the bacon ham over fist, according to Bloomberg.

China’s top hog-hawker of late is Muyuan Foodstuff chairman Qin Yinglin, whose net worth has more than quadrupled this year to $8.6 billion thanks to his 60% stake in the company – making him the fastest-growing individual on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Forbes has pegged Qin’s net worth at $16.6 billion. He holds the shares directly and with his wife through Muyuan Industrial Group.

After graduating from Henan Agricultural University with a degree in animal husbandry, Qin launched a hog breeding company with just 22 pigs – and now slaughters roughly 5 million per year as one of China’s premiere meat mavens.

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