Yesterday, we shared how American social media companies would rather punish President Trump for sharing “manipulated media” (aka memes) than hold Communist Party officials of spreading misinformation, including conspiracy theories about the origins of the coronavirus outbreak.

Well, the FT last night published a piece examining the recent surfeit of coronavirus-related conspiracy theories that are circulating on Chinese social media, particularly Weibo, a Chinese platform often compared to Twitter. Beijing has allowed conspiracy theories to proliferate, even occasionally stepping in to stir the pot, like it did this week when it first revealed that traces of the virus had been found on a cutting board in the Xinfadi wholesale market.

Hours later, the word was out: imported salmon from Europe was responsible for the latest outbreak in Beijing. Tens of thousands of stores across China tossed their salmon stocks, probably wasting millions of pounds of the pricey fish. And that’s not all.

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