As Western intelligence continues to investigate China’s handling of COVID-19 as it spread throughout Hubei province in December, disturbing evidence continues to emerge that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) engaged in a massive cover-up of what was going on.

Now, we’ve learned that the Wuhan Institute of Virology – which was conducting controversial experiments into animal-to-human transmission of bat coronaviruses, altered their database in an apparent attempt to distance the lab from the outbreak.

“Days before the Wuhan wet market was bleached, whistleblowers were punished and virus samples were destroyed, someone at the high-security Wuhan Institute of Virology censored its virus database in an apparent attempt to disassociate the laboratory from a novel-coronavirus outbreak that would become a global pandemic,” reports the New York Post‘s Miranda Devine, citing a UK intelligence analyst who found the alterations via open-source methods.

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