St. Louis lawyer and conservative icon Mark McCloskey is considering a run for for US Senate in 2022, he revealed in an interview on Tuesday night.

“I can confirm that it’s a consideration, yes,” the lawyer announced, his wife by his side.

The couple made national headlines last summer amidst the radical Black Lives Matter protests. When an angry mob of protesters made their way to the couple’s suburban home, they immediately utilized their weapons to protect their lives and property.

The immediately viral and highly controversial photos of the couple thrust them into the national spotlight, with President Donald Trump decrying the charges levied against them, and even scoring a speaking slot at the Republican National Convention later in the summer.

National File got the opportunity to talk to Mr. McCloskey personally in the wake of the potential announcement. While he has not committed to running, he made a strong case as to why he would be the best choice in the 2022 race. “The two people running for Senate right now are Eric Greitens, who was forced to resign in disgrace, and Eric Schmitt, another career politician. I’ve never been a politician, I’ve always been a Republican. I’m an outsider who can get things done,” he explained, subtly comparing himself to another outsider, President Trump.

“I’ve said before that God came knocking on my door in the form of 300-500 angry rioters,” McCloskey said. “And that showed me that we need people to stand up and fight for our God-given rights and way of life, and I must help lead that fight.”

“We always talk about our rights being eroded, but this is not the right way to frame it anymore. It’s no longer just our rights being eroded, our rights are now being taken away,” McCloskey went on. “I’ve traveled around campaigning for Trump and even doing events for myself around Missouri, and there’s so many people fed up with the way things are going now. I want to go to Washington to fix that.”

McCloskey also explained why his role as an outsider is so necessary right now. “We live in a post political world. Traditional politics no longer works, with big tech, and a politicized DOJ, and the radical Democrats controlling both houses of Congress and the White House, and so much more. And since traditional politics no longer works, we can’t keep electing traditional politicians,” he outlined.

While he has not officially announced, he has indicated that he will do so, given the strong support he has been receiving across the state and his outsider status. If he does decide to run, it is likely that he will be one of the leading candidates in the state.

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