When Dr. Fauci said the FDA and Gilead would move to “quickly” get remdesivir into the hands of COVID-19 patients, we didn’t think they’d move this quickly.

In a sudden break from a federal virus response that has at times been criticized for unnecessary delays – delays drive by petty political squabbles and other hangups, from the ‘PPP’ to the CDC’s badly botched testing rollout – the FDA could move to grant emergency approval to remdesivir, an antiviral initially developed to treat ebola, but was never approved for that, or any other, medical purpose – as quickly as Wednesday aka tomorrow.

That’s according to the NYT, which spoke to a ‘senior official’ about the matter. It has all the hallmarks of an authorized ‘leak’, probably OK’d directly by Dr. Fauci himself (native New Yorker that he is).

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