As we warned earlier, despite the Conservatives winning their largest majority since the 1980s, bitter leftists furious at the defeat of their spiritual and political leader, Jeremy Corbyn, are rallying in London, and across the country, to protest the outcome of a democratic election.

Those who still need an excuse to try and pretend like they haven’t wholly abandoned their support for Democracy (the West’s primary form of government for the past few centuries) have latched on, once again, to the Russia narrative. The notion that Russian intelligence threw its support behind Boris Johnson and Brexit, and deliberately tried to sway both the referendum and the 2019 vote has no basis in fact, yet certain American political figures are publishing op-eds trying to discredit the British electoral process.

On Friday evening, video appeared on social media of the “Not My Prime Minister” march in London, which brought protesters almost to the front steps of No. 10 Downing Street one day after their fellow Britons rejected Labour’s hard-left policies by handing it its biggest defeat since 1935. As always, legions of police were brought in to keep the peace.

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