In response to the sweeping victory of Boris Johnson in the recent UK elections — as well as rising popular support for President Trump in the United States — globalists are now accelerating their war against humanity that’s being waged through depopulation vectors involving vaccines, chemical contaminants, engineered food shortages and other means.

This doubling down on depopulation efforts is happening because globalists have finally come to realize they cannot force the world’s citizens to surrender to global authoritarianism as was once hoped. The very existence of the EU, for example, represented the beginning stages the globalist-run “utopia” that’s long been promised by the socialists and fascists who currently run the world. They wanted to end national sovereignty, open all borders to unlimited illegal migration, consume the world’s currencies under a one world currency and exert authoritarian rule so that all citizens of the world would be forced to surrender to unelected bureaucrats living out their Hunger Games fantasies.

But the victory of Donald Trump in 2016 — and last week’s victory of Boris Johnson in the UK — means the globalist dream is rapidly crumbling. And if the people of the world cannot be forced into obedience, they must be destroyed, according to the twisted philosophy of globalist tyrants. Hence, the efforts to exterminate humankind must be accelerated.

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