Joe Biden, former Vice President, said in 1993, that a  Klu Klux Klan linked group was made up of “very fine people”, and the video snippet from CPSAN has resurfaced on social media during his 2020 Presidential run.

Breitbart news released a video titled “1993 Joe Biden Defended KKK-Linked Confederate Group as ‘many fine people” that is expected to go viral, due to the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party over comments by President Donald J. Trump, who Democrats tried to frame as a “White Supremacist” in 2016 for using the same phraseology.

In the video Biden was a Senator describing the testimony of another Senator, Carol Moseley Braun,  saying Braun’s comments were a “moving speech” where she cited the testimony of a “Son of the Confederacy” who had made a plea about the KKK, testifying that the group should not get a federal charter.

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