The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) — a public-interest law firm dedicated to election integrity that has been involved in legal cases in nine states and the District of Columbia — filed a lawsuit against Harris County, Texas, on September 28, asserting that the state’s largest county has allowed foreign nationals to register to vote. In a petition filed in the Court of Appeals for the 14th District of Texas in Houston, PILF seeks to compel Harris County Voter Registrar Ann Bennett to follow Texas election laws and reject insufficient voter applications.

Harris County, which includes Houston, had more than four million people in the last census, and is the largest county by population in Texas.

A September 28 report in Texas Scorecard noted: “Only U.S. citizens are allowed to vote in Texas elections, and it’s a violation of both state and federal law for non-citizens to vote or register to vote. But in Texas and elsewhere, registering to vote requires no documentation to verify citizenship — applicants merely check a box affirming they’re U.S. citizens.”

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