For the first time in nearly two decades, Democrats have taken control of Virginia state politics by a slim margin: the party took 21 senate seats and 53 house seats, while the Republicans netted 19 and 43, respectively.

Virginia has a population of roughly 8 million, and just over 5.5 million of them are registered to vote. Of the latter, only 40 percent cast a ballot in the contentious 2019 election. In spite of the clearly narrow official victory and the millions who silently withheld their assent, the Democratic elected officials think that the contest is over and the debate closed—and the Washington Post even declared that “The Confederacy in Virginia is dead.” Those who’ve wrested the power are on a single-minded campaign to remake Virginia in their image of civility and “common sense,” and a slew of gun-control bills are currently being heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Even the enormous turnout at the Virginia Citizens’ Defense League’s (VCDL) most recent Lobby Day did not faze Virginia’s new rulers. They’ve conquered, and they remain dead set on pushing their oppressive agenda through in spite of the evident division and vociferous opposition within the local population.

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