Former Vice President Mike Pence mysteriously scored 19% approval in a new Republican Presidential Primary poll just 3 months after his betrayal of the American people, President Donald Trump, and the US Constitution.

In a new poll by McLaughlin & Associates, the former Vice President scored 19% among likely voters in the 2024 general election with President Donald Trump not included. In second place came Donald Trump Jr. who scored 15% support. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came in third place with 14% support.

Former President Trump said he is “beyond seriously” considering a 2024 Presidential run and has recently been outspoken about the disastrous policies of the Biden administration following the controversial and arguably illegitimate 2020 election ushered in by the US military in Washington DC. While Pence mysteriously appears to hold the lead in the poll where Trump is not included, Trump remains the frontrunner with the most support in the Republican party with an overwhelming 55% support compared to Pence who has only 10%, according to the survey.

Pence is setting himself up to run for President in 2024 after he violated the Constitution by illegally allowing the certification of fraudulent Electoral College votes following the highly contested 2020 election, as National File reported. Pence appears to be unphased by recent polls highlighting the lack of support he has from voters. According to a Politico/Morning Consult Republican Presidential Primary Poll released in mid-February, 88% of Republican voters said that they would vote for someone else instead, as National File reported.

The new McLaughlin & Associates poll may come as a surprise to many, as Pence had previously received embarrassingly low marks (as low as 1%), as seen in the 2021 CPAC Presidential straw poll.

“Pence is widely understood to be preparing for a 2024 run for President. After betraying President Trump, his supporters, and the U.S. Constitution on January 6, Pence has spent recent weeks attempting to ingratiate himself with Republican leaders and establishment figures, first contemplating starting his own dark money fundraising platform, and eventually winding up taking a position at the establishment-leaning Heritage Foundation,” reported National File.

Despite Pence symbolically spitting in the faces of the American people after the 2020 election controversy, Republican establishment figurehead and former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner claimed that Pence should command respect from President Trump’s supporters due to his “loyalty” to the 45th President, and believes Pence has a “pretty good” chance at securing the 2024 Republican nomination. Boehner himself had previously come under fire for being a globalist RINO after ignoring loud objections from former Texas Rep. Dr. Ron Paul’s delegates, and read from an seemingly prepared teleprompter script during the 2012 Republican convention.

Pence recently just had surgery to have a pacemaker installed. Those familiar with the surgery have told National File that the procedure is typically part of a larger surgery. It is unclear whether or not the surgery will stop Pence from running for President in 2024, but it has raised concerns over the former Vice President’s health and potential fitness for office in the future. Many could assume that Pence wants Americans to forget the actions (or lack thereof) he took when the election was stolen from President Trump.

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