As a succession of civil lawsuits is being presented in the US by suspected victims of convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the scandal surrounding the Duke of York shows no sign of abating, with fresh reports surfacing pertaining to his relations with one of the deceased American financier’s alleged sex slaves.

Fresh evidence with the potential to undermine Prince Andrew’s earlier claim he never met Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged teenage sex trafficking victim Virginia Roberts will surface in the United States amidst civil lawsuits brought in by those who reportedly suffered at the hands of the convicted paedophile, her lawyer claimed in an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday.

“There is other evidence that will come out that undercuts his assertion that he didn’t know Virginia, had not been with her. I think the mistake that he [Prince Andrew] made was thinking that somehow this evidence wouldn’t dribble out and now, of course, that’s exactly what’s happening,” said David Boies.

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