With its publication this week of a tedious, picayune 966-page “report” rehashing the long-since-collapsed ‘Russian collusion’ false narrative, the Senate “Intelligence” Committee joins its discredited House counterpart as another powerful public body co-opted by cynical partisan manipulators as an illegitimate tool to inflict political damage, if not personal destruction, on their most effective adversaries.

The ‘report’ is nothing but a naked presidential election year ploy, attempting to resuscitate one of the most vile of all malicious political frauds ever perpetrated on a sitting president and the people of this country.

This repackaged redux of the repeatedly-debunked Russian collusion smear is clearly the handiwork of the committee’s de facto chairman (though his title is vice-chairman) Senator Mark Warner, a slippery demagogic partisan politician who has proven to be one of the most odious and manipulative of all rabid Trump antagonists in Congress. Warner rivals the execrable liar-leaker Adam Schiff in his penchant for deceitful grandstanding and underhanded partisan abuse of congressional oversight authority.

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