The world’s most powerful nuclear icebreaker is set to be built in Russia – again. The new vessel, to be delivered in the late 2020s, will dwarf the power of existing icebreakers, with its new 120-Megawatt powerplant.

Dubbed ‘Leader,’ the new Project 10510 icebreaker got the green light on Thursday, when Russia’s Far East Zvezda shipyard and the Rosatomflot company signed the contract for its construction. Due to the coronavirus restrictions in place, the contract was signed via video link.

The ‘Leader,’ conceived back in 2016, dwarfs any existing nuclear-powered icebreaker, including Russia’s –and the world’s– most powerful Project 22220 icebreakers, currently under construction. The maiden vessel of that project, Arktika, is currently undergoing trials and is expected to join the fleet later this year, while two other ships of this type are set to be launched in the next two years.

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