Members of the Democratic Party have repeatedly accused President Donald Trump of colluding with Russia in order to get “dirt” on his opponent Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 election. However, one member of this year’s Democratic ticket reportedly has no issues with accepting “dirt” on POTUS to win in 2020.

Joe Biden’s freshly picked running mate, Kamala Harris was seemingly ready to accept and use a damning recording of US President Donald Trump, when she was reportedly tricked into believing that such a tape exists by two Russian pranksters known as Vovan and Lexus.

The prank was recorded in January 2020, a month after she ended her presidential bid over a lack of support, but was not released by the pranksters at the time and was published by The U.S. Sun on 21 August. In a recording Harris greets the prankers’ team, one of whom impersonated Greta Thunberg and the other – her father Svante, offering the California Senator help in boosting her campaign.

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