Russian aircraft makers have reportedly started the assembly of a new, next-generation bomber aircraft, known under the designation PAK DA. RT has learned more about the highly-secretive machine.

The launch of the PAK DA’s assembly was reported earlier this week by TASS news agency. The cockpit of the plane has already been partially built and the whole machine is expected to be ready next year, sources within the country’s aircraft industry told the agency.

The PAK DA designation stands for ‘perspective aircraft complex (PAK) for long-range aviation (DA)’. The PAK programs were launched by Russia in the early 2010s in an effort to provide the military with modern hardware. So far, only the development of a new multirole fighter jet has been completed – the 5th generation fighter jet Su-57 has already entered the mass-production stage, while the pre-production batch of the planes is already in service.

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