Having analyzed recent satellite imagery from the villas of Wonsan, on North Korea’s east coast, experts allege that the head of state might currently be there avoiding the limelight and, most certainly, exposure to the novel virus.

Satellite imagery depicting the recent movements of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s luxury boats provide indications he has of late been staying at the coastal resort of Wonsan, North Korea-monitoring website NK PRO reported, thereby underpinning findings by US-based North Korea monitoring project 38 North. The latter reported last week that satellite images at their disposal showed what was purported to be Kim’s personal train parked at a station reserved for his use at the Wonsan villa – one of around 12 compounds used by North Korea’s leader.

South Korean and US officials have since argued it is highly probable that Mr. Kim may be staying there, perhaps to escape the globally raging coronavirus, busting media reports that he had some kind of serious illness or was allegedly on his death bed.

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