After publishing detailed CDC guidelines for states that were purportedly shelved in favor of the much-more-vague White House guidelines – the White House defended the decision, saying it was part of delegating more authority and flexibility to the states – the AP reported Friday that most states aren’t following the federal guidelines anyway.

The detailed, 17-page CDC report was purportedly shelved, with the government scientists who leaked it complaining that they were told it would “never see the light of day”, to reinforce the notion that the responsibility for reopening the economy lies squarely with the states (just like the media wanted, remember?) And although states and public health experts have reportedly blamed the administration for federal guidance that has been “anything put clear,” some of the states have said they’re doing just fine without the federal government’s input.

Thanks to the vagaries of the Trump Administration’s ‘guidance’, the AP found that Georgia is technically in compliance with at least some of the requirements – including the requirement that states report a downward trajectory over 2 weeks (though the guidelines don’t specify if this means 14 days of uninterrupted day-over-day declines, or whether states should rely on rolling averages. Still, it’s doubtful all the data would justify Georgia’s accelerated schedule of reopening, said to be the fastest in the country.

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