As the Justice Department drops charges against the former White House adviser, many are hoping the final chapter on Russiagate has been closed. But as an investigation against Trump’s rivals proceeds, the saga is just beginning.

May 7 may go down in the American history books as the day when Donald Trump began to turn the tide against his Democrat opponents and their relentless efforts to have him removed from office. That was the day when the Justice Department declared there was no “legitimate investigative basis” for FBI agents to interview Gen. Michael Flynn over his meetings with Russian diplomats, coming as they did when the lame-duck Obama administration was sabotaging US-Russia relations on its way out the door.

Thursday brought other bits of good news for the Trump administration. The House Intelligence Committee released its Russiagate interviews, in which the former director of national intelligence, James Clapper, admitted he “never saw any direct empirical evidence that the Trump campaign…was plotting/conspiring with the Russians to meddle with the election.”

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