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Brazilian Preisdent Jair Bolsonaro recently blasted several of his country’s mayors and his own cabinet for restrictive coronavirus lockdowns and arrests of peaceful citizens who are defying the government and working during the pandemic, saying that he wants Brazilians to be armed and in the streets, and that an armed population would be able to resist these types of dictatorial powers.

The expletive-laden video was released as part of an order from the country’s Supreme Court.

President Bolsonaro began by slamming the country’s Supreme Court for refusing to enforce its own laws against handcuffing people who do not post an immediate threat, saying “Sir Minister of Justice, please. It was decided [by the Supreme Court] not long ago, that you couldn’t handcuff almost anyone. Why are they putting handcuffs on a citizen or a woman in a public square. And the Justice doesn’t say anything? You have to f**king speak!”

He went on, questioning why authorities are remaining silent.

“You’re gonna be quiet? Until when? Or do I have to keep on exposing it myself? You have to speak, put it out there. Dish it out. You can’t put handcuffs, a decision of the Supreme Court itself. And we’re gonna be quiet? Until when,” asked President Bolsonaro.

He went on to say that the country’s mayors and governors “Keep on humiliating our people, and that’s growing,” before noting that voters keep looking to him, saying “‘I’ve voted for you for you to do something, I voted for you, so you make decisions.’ And it is true. I couldn’t care less with the reelection.”

“What these sons of b*tches want, [Minister of Education] Weintraub, is our freedom.

President Bolsonaro then compared the lockdowns to a dictatorship, saying that mayors arresting people is proof that a dictatorship could easily come to Brazil.

“Look, how easy it is to impose a dictatorship in Brazil, how easy it is,” said the president. “The people are locked in their houses. That is what I want, Minister of Justice, Minister of Defense, that the people arm themselves.”

President Bolsonaro went on to say that the lack of firearms in the country will “Ensure that a motherf**ker is going to show up and impose a dictatorship here. Because it’s easy to impose a dictatorship here, too easy. A f**king mayor makes a decree, handcuffs people, and keeps everyone at home.”

He went on to say that “If they were armed, they go to the streets. If I was a dictator, I’d want to disarm people, just like all the others disarmed people before they imposed their respective dictatorships.”

President Bolsonaro then urged the Minister of Defense to immediately sign an ordinance proposed by the president that would allow people to privately own firearms in large numbers.

“That is when our demonstration, and I ask that [Minister of Defense] Fernando and Moro sign the [gun] ordinance today, because I want to give a f**king message to these a**holes on why I’m arming the people. Because I don’t want a dictatorship here. It can’t be postponed anymore, alright? It can’t be postponed anymore.”

President Bolsonaro then criticized those who are refusing to enact his policy agenda, telling them that they are in the wrong government if they do not support his agenda.

“Whoever doesn’t accept my ideals, [Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights] Damares, family, God, Brazil, guns, freedom of speech, free market, who ever doesn’t accept that, is in the wrong government. Wait until 2022, Sir Alvaro Dias, wait for Alckmin, wait for Haddad, or maybe Lula, right,” said President Bolsonaro, referring to the disgraced former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who served 580 days in prison following a conviction for influence peddling.

“You can go and be happy with them. In my government you’re wrong,” said the president. “It’s to blow wide the gun question here.”

“I want everyone armed. Because an armed people will never be enslaved.”

The post VIDEO: Bolsonaro Slams COVID-19 Lockdowns, Says ‘An Armed People Will Never Be Enslaved’ appeared first on National File. Visit for more hard-hitting investigative journalism.

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