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Facebook insider Ryan Hartwig claims that the big tech company is meddling with elections on a global scale, and that their community standards almost solely enforced on conservatives, with those on the left never being punished.

According to Facebook insider Ryan Hartwig, the average content moderator is currently deletes up to 300 posts per day, and Facebook moderation is done with the intent of manipulating elections globally and punishing users for their political beliefs.

“I was seeing them interfering on a global level in elections,” Hartwig told Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe.

Hartwig explains that after Project Veritas’s recent videos revealing the left wing bias of the big tech company, Hartwig felt compelled to provide additional information to Project Veritas. Violating a non-disclosure agreement he signed, Hartwig and told O’Keefe that the Facebook moderators responsible for blatant discrimination based off of race and political are seldom held accountable.

Hartwig went on to explain that content removed from Facebook is, generally, conservative in nature, and is rarely left-leaning or pro-LGBT or BLM.

In under cover video, moderators casually discuss how they constantly violate official company policy to directly attack the Trump administration, and conservatives.


While Facebook maintains a layer of separation by contracting with third party companies for enforcement of its community standards, Zuckerberg previously testified before Congress and claimed that there was no political censorship on the platform.

Hartwig, who worked for a firm hired by Facebook to enforce its community standards, began to note irregularities in banned posts based on political affiliation. After reaching out to many people who ignored him, Hartwig decided that his best option was to come forth to Project Veritas with his findings.

According to Hartwig, in May of 2019 he wrote a letter with examples that he had seen of these documented issues of liberal favoring bias and reached out to a couple of congressman. After not hearing back from them despite the fact that he had “something like 20 examples,” he brought the information to O’Keefe.

Facebook, according to Hartwig, would send out new policy updates as often as every two weeks.

Hartwig also claims he was denied promotions due to his status as a white, male, conservative. In video provided to Project Veritas, while discussing a possible promotion, Hartwig’s coworkers were under the impression that Hartwig was qualified but the reason he was not promoted was because of his race, gender, and political affiliation.

Speaking exclusively to National File, Hartwig explained that although he did not feel as though he was personally discriminated against, much of the discrimination is kept behind closed doors.

“It’s easy to do because they have no restrictions,” said Hartwig. He went on to explain that the “Southern Southern Poverty Law or the ADL” frequently label individuals and groups as racist, extremist, anti-Semitic, or otherwise untoward, despite leftist groups doing “the same thing on the other side and are not labeled such.”

According to Hartwig, this gives Facebook “A large social and societal backing or element of society that backs them.”

Facebook has previously claimed they do not map enforcement of their community standards to any other network, though Facebook comes to many of the same conclusions as the ADL and SPLC.


The post VIDEO: Facebook Content Moderator Claims Platform Meddles in Elections ‘On A Global Level’ appeared first on National File. Visit for more hard-hitting investigative journalism.

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