A Virginia Democrat wants to restrict single-family homes statewide by allowing duplexes and townhomes to be built on single-home lots.

Ibraheem Samirah’s proposed law, HB152, would require local communities to allow two-family buildings to be developed on any lot zoned for single-family homes:

Middle housing allowed on lots zoned for single-family use. Requires all localities to allow development or redevelopment of “middle housing” residential units upon each lot zoned for single-family residential use. Middle housing is defined as two-family residential units, including duplexes, townhouses, cottages, and any similar structure. Such structures shall not require a special use permit or be subjected to any other local requirements beyond those imposed upon other authorized residential uses. Localities may regulate the siting, design, and environmental standards of middle housing residential units, including setback requirements, provided that the regulations do not, individually or cumulatively, discourage the development of all two-family housing types permitted through unreasonable costs or delay.

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