Anonymously-sourced media reports published Saturday morning claimed that the White House is looking into the establishment of a panel to investigate complaints of “left-wing bias” in the tech world.

Since the earliest days of his presidential campaign, President Trump has alleged that the mainstream media – CNN, the NYT & WaPo – and Silicon Valley – FB, Twitter, Alphabet, Amazon etc. – were conspiring to try and suppress pro-Trump viewpoints on their platforms, while joining together to promote stories that slammed Trump as a racist and a Russian puppet. Many independent media organizations – including Zero Hedge – have been banned from Twitter, Facebook etc for flimsy reasons.

President Trump infuriated the left after mocking a local TV news reporter who was harassed by pro-Trump protesters at a recent rally. The president has repeatedly alleged that the “far-left” has hijacked the American mainstream media, and has hinted in the past that he planned to take action, though many undoubtedly interpreted these threats as just more of Trump’s trademark bluster.

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